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Is Your Year-End Appeal Up To The Task?

Has your ministry been sending out the same old year-end appeal letter, year after year?

Is your appeal just a shot in the dark? You spend time getting the wording and layout just right, but you don't really know if it is moving the people who read it.

Is your letter even getting read by its recipients, or are most of them just dropping the envelope straight into the kitchen garbage can?

It's time to have confidence that you can design and send year-end appeals that bring your mission to your prospects and motivate them to participate by their financial support.

Let the Experts Show You the Way

On Tuesday, October 18, Petrus is bringing together three great experts to unpack the do's and don't's of appeal letters from every angle:

  • Stan Guimont, Account Manager at Palmer Non-Profit Communications on how to produce a profitable appeal letter
  • Michelle Sutton, Development Director at the Duke Catholic Center on how to use segmentation to make your letters feel more personalized and get better results 
  • JoAnn Shull from JShull Design and Petrus Development on the considerations you need to keep in mind for the layout and design of your appeal letter

 The last quarter of the year is by far the biggest for philanthropic giving. Make sure your ministry is equipped to make the most of it with a strong year-end appeal.


Petrus Development Year-End Appeals Virtual Summit
Tuesday, October 18, 2022 11AM - 2PM CST

Learn more about the Year-End Appeals Virtual Summit, and save your spot by registering, HERE.



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