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Throw Out the Script - Interview with Gregory Perrin on the Petrus Development Show

In this episode, Andrew visits with Gregory Perrin, Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. They discuss how Gregory ended up in development and his different roles over the past 25 years.  They also discuss the differences in raising money for a large public university and a small private school and what fundraising for higher education has been like in the midst of a pandemic. Gregory has some great stories and solid advice for anyone in development.

Show Notes:

Gregory Perrin is the Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.



Been in fundraising for about 25 years all in the non-profit and higher education organizations. He became involved in this industry like most do: serendipitously.


St. Edwards University

Founded by the same priests and brothers who founded Notre Dame University. Making St. Edwards a sister...

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Multiply the Mission: Interview with Fr. Ben Hasse on The Petrus Development Show

Fr. Ben Hasse, Pastor at St. Albert the Great University Parish

In this episode, Andrew visits with Fr. Ben Hasse, the Pastor of St. Albert the Great University Parish in Houghton, Michigan and St. Anne Catholic Church in Chassell, Michigan. St. Al’s is an active and vibrant parish and home to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Michigan Technological University, Finlandia University, and Gogebic Community College in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In addition to being pastor of two parishes, Fr. Ben is the vocations director for the Diocese of Marquette. During their conversation, he joyfully tells of his experience in ministry and development for the university parish. He speaks of the practical concerns of running a parish and student center while also emphasizing the importance of relationship.

Show Notes:

  • Ben Hasse experienced a powerful retreat in his junior year of high school then started going to daily mass and went back to confession...
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4 Lessons for Engaging Volunteers

volunteers Mar 19, 2019

By Mary P. Walker, Petrus Blog Contributor

We all know that volunteers are vital to our ministries. Without them, we would have to spend more money doing things that need to be done or forgo doing them entirely. An engaged volunteer believes in your mission, and even learns more about it on the job. How we treat them matters, not only because we value their work, but also because volunteering can be a first step in financial support.

When my kids were young, I wanted to volunteer and give them the experience of volunteering. So I went to my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. The store sold donated clothing and household items at a low cost, which gave those in need the dignity of being able to make their own choices. Proceeds from the store were channeled into helping the poor with rent, utilities, medications, and food.

Gretchen ran the local store and was its only paid employee. Whenever I visited to drop off gently used items, there were always busy volunteers cheerfully...

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Development Committee Discussion on Facebook Live

volunteers Jul 24, 2018

How can a development committee increase the effectiveness of your development office?

What is a development committee, and how does it function?

Recently Petrus Development President Andrew Robison was on site with Steve Nache from Lumen Christi Institute in Chicago. They had the opportunity to discuss the success of the Lumen Christi Institute’s development committee on Facebook Live (available below), and they explained how other organizations can begin their own development committee and put it to work to increase fundraising effectiveness.

Some of the questions answered in the video include:

  • How does the development committee work at the Lumen Christi Institute?
  • What is the primary function of a development committee?
  • How often does Lumen Christi Institute’s committee meet, and what does a typical meeting look like?
  • Who should be on the committee?
  • How did Lumen Christi Institute’s development committee help them to turn a $500 gift into a $5,000 gift?


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Is “Crisis Giving” an Effective Development Strategy?

donors volunteers Sep 06, 2017

By Andrew Robison, President of Petrus Development

No matter where in the country you are, you have undoubtedly seen the images of the destruction that Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake. Over 21 trillion gallons of water across Texas and Louisiana, over 50 inches of rain in many parts of Houston and Southeast Texas, up to 500,000 ruined cars and trucks, 180,000 homes damaged or destroyed, over 42,000 people forced to evacuate, and up to $190 billion in overall economic cost to the region. And now we have Hurricane Irma barreling down on the Caribbean and Florida. Natural disasters like these have long-lasting effects on millions of people in the region and more secondary effects on just about every person in America. There’s no question about it.

As with many tragic events like this, we also get to witness the strength of people and communities coming together to help those in need. I live in College Station, TX which is about 90 miles northwest of Houston. Once we...

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