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Development Committee Discussion on Facebook Live

How can a development committee increase the effectiveness of your development office?


What is a development committee, and how does it function?


Recently Petrus Development President Andrew Robison was on site with Steve Nache from Lumen Christi Institute in Chicago. They had the opportunity to discuss the success of the Lumen Christi Institute’s development committee on Facebook Live , and they explained how other organizations can begin their own development committee and put it to work to increase fundraising effectiveness.


Some of the questions answered in the video include:

  • How does the development committee work at the Lumen Christi Institute?
  • What is the primary function of a development committee?
  • How often does Lumen Christi Institute’s committee meet, and what does a typical meeting look like?
  • Who should be on the committee?
  • How did Lumen Christi Institute’s development committee help them to turn a $500 gift into a $5,000 gift?

Does your ministry have a development committee? What is one suggestion from your experience that makes the committee most effective? Or, if your ministry does not have a development committee, what is holding you back? Let us know in the comments below!


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