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The Key to a Self-Sustaining Fundraising Program


How do you build a stronger organization that can impact more people? By starting with a strong annual fund.

Let a dedicated, experienced fundraising coach show you how with the PETRUS ANNUAL MANUAL.

Training Videos, Guides, and Samples

Training videos, how-to guides and samples to show you exactly what to do and how to do it to grow your fundraising efforts.

Expert Guidance

Regular phone or video consultations with an experienced Petrus fundraising coachto keep you on track.

Development Calendar

A plan for development activities to get your program on a consistent, effective schedule. "Build a plan and then work the plan."

Learn Fundraising, from Experienced Fundraisers

Almost nobody goes to school to learn development, so the art of fundraising and building a fundraising office does not come naturally to most of us.

The Petrus Annual Manual is a 12 month program that shortens the learning curve by connecting your organization with an experienced fundraiser to guide you in building your fundraising efforts.

It includes:

  • Online, on-demand training videos
  • Dozens of samples and templates for newsletters, appeal letters, and more so you don't have to reinvent the wheel¬†
  • Twice-monthly, one hour phone or video calls with an experienced fundraising coach¬†

"Without the practical support of the Annual Manual, we would have been flying in the dark. Now, we have the confidence we need to engage with our donors and further our ministry."

Dr. Michael St. Pierre

Executive Director
Catholic Campus Ministry Association

"The Annual Manual from Petrus is a game changer for our development program. Petrus provided us with a ton of valuable information and resources on day one and our consultant walked with us and answered all of our questions along the way. It’s a complete toolbox for development success!"

Kallan Stout

Cowboy Catholics at McNeese State

Which Petrus Solution is Right for Me?

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