How do you build a strong ministry to reach more people? By starting with a strong annual fund. Let us show you how with the ANNUAL MANUAL.

Development Calendar

A plan for development activities to get your program on a consistent, effective schedule. "Build a plan and then work the plan."

Training Videos, Guides and Samples

Training videos, how-to guides and samples to show you exactly what to do and how to do it to grow your fundraising efforts.

Expert Guidance

Weekly emails with instructions and encouragement, and phone consultation with a Petrus consultant every-other week to keep you on track.


"The Annual Manual from Petrus is a game changer for our development program. Petrus provided us with a ton of valuable information and resources on day one and our consultant walked with us and answered all of our questions along the way. It’s a complete toolbox for development success!"

Kallan Stout
Cowboy Catholics at McNeese State

"Without the practical support of the Annual Manual, we would have been flying in the dark. Now, we have the confidence we need to engage with our donors and further our ministry."

Dr. Michael St. Pierre
Executive Director, Catholic Campus Ministry Association


The Annual Manual helps nonprofit organizations build a strong foundation for their development program by taking the best practices for building an annual fund and adapting them to the unique structure of each individual organization.

The Annual Manual is most effective when implemented in ministries and nonprofit organizations with new or small development programs that need to build a strong base of fundraising to fund ongoing operations.

Members receive:

  • A development calendar to guide their fundraising activities over the course of the year
  • Access to dozens of training videos and how-to guides covering every aspect of a healthy annual fund
  • Access to dozens of samples, templates, and scripts to make implementation of each development practice more simple
  • A weekly email to keep fundraising activities on track and provide a look at important upcoming fundraising dates and milestones to be aware of
  • A one-hour phone consultation with a Petrus consultant every-other week to answer any questions and help guide development activity

Two important factors play the biggest role in effectively implementing and utilizing the Annual Manual:

  1. The most important factor leading to success in fundraising with the Annual Manual is having at least one designated staff member at the organization who can lead development efforts and dedicate time to it every week. We recommend a full-time development director, but this may not be possible for all organizations immediately.
  2. The second major factor leading to success is a contacts list. If you do not have a list of constituents and prospects to communicate with we can help you to begin developing that list, but organizations with a strong list of names, addresses, and even emails and phone numbers for prospects (such as alumni, parents of students, previous supporters, and others who may have interest in your mission) will see results more quickly upon beginning the Annual Manual.

Phone consultations and emails will last for 12 months from the time the organization begins the Annual Manual program. The organization will retain lifetime access to the Annual Manual library of training videos, how-to guides, samples, templates, and scripts. 

Building a strong annual fund program is the first step toward financial stability. With a strong annual fund in place from the Annual Manual, organizations will be prepared to begin significant growth in the fundraising by having a pipeline of donors and prospects to approach for major gifts.

The Petrus Major Gifts program can help organizations to implement major gifts fundraising with intensive, personalized, one-on-one coaching both on-site and remotely.

Annual Manual Implementation

By joining the Annual Manual you will get instant access to dozens of how-to guides and samples. Soon after, Petrus will get in touch to introduce you to your consultant and help plan your Annual Manual implementation:


Who will be in charge of each activity over the course of the year? Some organizations can assign a single person for all annual fund activities and some elect a team approach.

We recommend hiring a full-time development director, but this may not be possible for all organizations immediately.

As part of the implementation plan, organizations will discuss and make assignments for all activities for the next 12 months.


Who is the primary audience for fundraising? Some organizations have  a healthy list of prospects, but some need to develop new strategies and policies for identifying donors and prospects. Petrus will provide ideas and strategies for building your database.

If your organization needs additional assistance purchasing and installing a database, Petrus offers support and training at an affordable rate.


Once the personnel are assigned and the database is online, Petrus will help create a 100-Day Plan. This plan gives clear steps for the first phase of the Annual Manual and helps establish the practices and routines that will lead to consistency and sustainability.

By creating a 100-Day Plan, members of the staff and volunteers will understand their role in the Development strategy.

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