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Unlocking Success: Staffing Considerations for Your Catholic Nonprofit's Capital Campaign

Staff Considerations for Your Capital Campaign

By Rhen Hoehn, Director of Marketing


As you explore the possibility of embarking on a transformative capital campaign for your nonprofit, one of the most critical factors for success is strategic staffing. 


With the right team in place, you can navigate the complexities of fundraising with confidence and conviction. Let's delve into the key roles and responsibilities you'll need to consider as you prepare to embark on this journey.


Organizational Director: Guiding the Way

At the helm of your capital campaign stands the nonprofit’s executive director. This individual must spearhead the campaign's planning, execution, and evaluation, serving as the driving force behind your organization's fundraising efforts.


When the director is not fully committed to making their involvement in the campaign a priority, the effort is sure to struggle.


Development Team: Cultivating Connections

Your development team is the lifeblood of your capital campaign.  The team is tasked with nurturing relationships with donors and securing vital contributions. From major gifts officers to annual fund managers, these dedicated professionals will leverage their expertise to engage donors, solicit support, and steward relationships throughout the campaign.


For many organizations, however, the development “team” may be a single person. In this case, that staff member will have to carry a variety of responsibilities, including those of major gifts officer, annual fund manager, and planned giving specialist. Juggling these diverse responsibilities, they will leverage their expertise to engage donors, solicit support, and steward relationships throughout the campaign.


Marketing and Communications

In many ways, a capital campaign is one big marketing effort. So, in addition to their fundraising duties, your development staff member may need to take on the role of communications and marketing strategist. They will craft compelling messaging, design captivating marketing materials, and leverage various channels to raise awareness and inspire action among donors and stakeholders.


Administrative Duties

Even amidst their fundraising efforts, your lone development staff member must ensure that administrative tasks are handled efficiently. From managing donor databases to tracking campaign progress and handling correspondence, they will serve as the backbone of your campaign's logistical operations, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.


Volunteer Management

Mobilizing volunteers is essential to the success of any campaign, and your development staff member will need to take the lead in recruiting, training, and managing these invaluable assets. By empowering volunteers to make meaningful contributions, they will amplify your organization's reach within the community and inspire greater support for your cause.


Event Management

Events provide invaluable opportunities to engage donors, celebrate achievements, and foster a sense of community. Your development staff will orchestrate memorable gatherings, from campaign kickoff events to donor recognition galas, all designed to inspire generosity and deepen connections with your supporters.


Finance and Accounting Professionals: Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

Behind every dollar raised lies a commitment to financial stewardship and accountability. Your finance and accounting professionals will oversee budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance, ensuring that funds are allocated responsibly and in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Board Members: Providing a Network

Your board members are your organization's most passionate advocates and influential ambassadors. Their leadership, guidance, and financial support are invaluable assets to your capital campaign.  They will provide strategic direction, leverage their networks, and champion your cause within the community.


In addition, a campaign committee will be formed to assist in this fundraising project. The members of this committee may overlap with your nonprofit’s board. These will be volunteers who are comfortable leveraging their networks, making introductions, and accompanying development staff on donor visits.  They will also be expected to contribute to the campaign financially themselves.


Subject Matter Experts: Tapping into Specialized Knowledge

Depending on the nature of your campaign, you may require subject matter experts with specialized knowledge and connections in relevant fields. Whether it's real estate, insurance, or financial services, these experts can provide invaluable insights and connections to support your fundraising efforts.


Campaign Counsel: Harnessing Expertise and Insight

Last but certainly not least, engaging campaign counsel can provide your organization with expert guidance and support throughout every stage of the campaign. From feasibility studies to strategic planning and execution, campaign counsel offers invaluable expertise, strategic insights, and support to maximize your campaign.


Going Deeper

Ready to learn more about the intricacies of planning and executing a successful capital campaign?


Petrus Development recently hosted a virtual summit on capital campaigns, and you can access the recording of the summit for free. Topics include:

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  • Managing building projects during campaigns
  • Maximizing campaign return-on-investment.


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A Guide for the Journey

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