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The Faithful Hairdresser - A Holy Donors Crossover on the Petrus Development Show


On this week's episode of the Petrus Development Show, we are hosting a crossover event that introduces you to another Petrus podcast called Holy Donors.  Holy Donors is a collaborative production between Petrus and RED-C Catholic Radio that tells stories of radical generosity that changed the world, and Andrew is excited to share the first episode of our Holy Donor's season featuring the Venerable Pierre Toussaint.  



Show Notes

Pierre Toussaint was born into slavery on the French colony of Saint Domingue (Saint Domingue was what we know today as independent Haiti), and he served as a trusted domestic slave to his master Jean Jacques Bérard.  When Bérard and his family fled Saint Domingue in the middle of the Haitian Revolution, they took Pierre Toussaint and his sister Rosalie with them to New York CityIn New York City, Pierre made a name for himself as a hairdresser and a philanthropist.   


The bulk of this initial episode revolves around a discussion on the history of slavery and on an overview of the Haitian Revolution, a revolution which proved to be a key turning point in Pierre’s life.  Andrew's co-host Thaddeus shares details about the dangerous, unforgiving lives of the slaves on Saint Domingue, and he highlights the slaves’ importance in maintaining Saint Domingue’s distinction as a leading producer of sugar and coffee products.


Thaddeus continues the story of Saint Domingue’s history as France’s thriving slave colony to it’s dissolution into violence and rebellion during the Haitian Revolution.  Bérard and his family try to outlast the slave rebellion on Saint Domingue, but after 6 years of waiting for the unrest to settle, the family is forced to flee, taking Pierre with them.  Their flight from the island is far from a guaranteed success, and we hope you will join us for episode 2 to hear about Pierre’s journey from the Caribbean to NYC and to learn about how a Haitian slave finds tremendous success as a hairdresser.  



Recommended reading:

Pierre Toussaint: A Biography by Arthur Jones  

Ten Christians: By Their Deeds You Shall Know Them by Boniface Hanley


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