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Storytelling, Latino Catholics, and Donor Visits (A RAISE23 Recap)

This week (November 29th through December 1st), Petrus Development is offering an amazing sale on registration fees for RAISE24.  Register by Friday, December 1st, and receive 15 percent off the super early bird price of $899, bringing the registration fee down to $765.  (Click here to register!)


In honor of this sale, we share a special episode of the Petrus Development Show that highlights some of our favorite speakers from last year's RAISE23 conference. 


Listen to "133 - Storytelling, Latino Catholics, and Donor Visits (A RAISE23 Recap)" on Spreaker.


If you're considering RAISE24 registration and want to know more about what you'd gain from the conference, check out this podcast.  In this episode, you'll hear clips from the following speakers:


  • Eva Daniels offers tips on storytelling and shares how ideas that sound so simple may not always be easy to execute.
  • Dcn. Charlie Echeverry discusses Latino Catholics,the role they play in today's Catholic church, and how we, as fundraisers, can better engage this vital population.  
  • Bryan Wilburn and Joe Hendrickx emphasize the importance of face-to-face donor visits. 

Like these speakers, our RAISE24 presenters will offer inspirtation and practical tips to help you do your fundraising job with more passion and more success.  Come join us in San Antonio in June 2024!


For more information about RAISE24 and to take advantage of this amazing registration deal, click here.



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