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Stewarding God's Gifts - Interview with Caitlyn Kano on the Petrus Development Show

Oct 20, 2020

In this episode, Andrew visits with Caitlyn Kano, Executive Director of Compass Catholic. They discuss how we can be generous to our specific capacity and not a perceived capacity of giving. They talk about how even though 10% tithing is a fantastic goal, we are still called be to be stewards of the other 90%. And that once we unite our financials and our faith, we can answer yes to what God calls us to without hesitation.

Show Notes:

Caitlyn Kano is the Executive Director of Compass Catholic Ministries. She is local to Las Vegas, a military spouse of 17 years, mother of 4 children. When her oldest was 1 year, she was ready to do something more and began to volunteer with a non-profit. Over the years, she began to feel a disconnect between her work and her faith and felt called to tie the two together. Two years ago she reached out to Compass Catholic and began working on a money coaching ministry. In March of 2020 she was invited to become the Executive Director. 

Compass Catholic wants to meet people at the well. To help the domestic church to learn financial ministry. 


Why is this an important ministry in the Church?

  • They teach financial discipleship from an authentic Catholic viewpoint
  • Money and stewardship are mentioned over 2500 times in the Bible, making it an important topic
  • When you take Catholic values from the USCCB, the Saints and the scriptures and apply financial principles, it sticks
  • Testimonies from families say that when they united financial and faith, it opened it up and made sense
  • Our giving is more than the 10% - God blesses us with the whole 100% and we need to steward all of it
  • If we are shackled with debt, how can we answer "yes" to what God calls us to do? A great example is a woman who was called to step out of the workplace and into the home and because they were debt free, she felt free to answer God without hesitation.


Charitable Giving

  • As Catholics, we are called to be generous to our capacity. But when we are drowning in debt, we don't know what our capacity is. So we default to our perceived capacity. 
  • Need to shift our thinking from "how much of my money am I going to give" to "how much of God's money am I going to use."
  • Stewardship/Generosity should be habitual with a growth mindset
  • At the beginning, aim for 10% but don't limit yourself
  • Those who live on a spending plan (budget), are naturally more generous


Coaching Program in Parishes

  • This is a Bible Study
  • Money Coaching Ministries launched in March 2020, right before pandemic shutdown. 
    • Currently have 11 trained coaches
  • The program focuses on the behaviors of money
    • What habits/behaviors can you adapt/integrate
  • They pivoted to utilize zoom when in-person wasn't possible
  • It takes the burden off of the Priests
  • Pastors are nervous to bring someone in to talk about finances
  • They don't sell any products, goods or services. It's strictly teaching Catholic values and financial ministry


Why do Priests struggle to talk about money?

  • Sometimes, it feels like they can't relate with parishioners because they aren't in the same place
  • The reality is that we are all uncomfortable talking about finances. And we all have different social and demo-graphical reasons for avoiding the discussion
  • Parishioners need to own that we aren't comfortable talking about money either - it's not just the Priests

We are called to be stewards of every single dollar.


Journey of Generosity Retreats (JOG)

This is a collaboration between Compass Catholics and Catholics of Generosity Giving. And it's a weekend retreat that is facilitated by videos of people who have fulfilled the calling of being generous. Those videos are followed by conversation. There is no ask associated with it, simply a conversation. 


Lightening Round

  1. If you could fund-raise for any organization at any time in history, what would it be?
    • Probably St. Joseph's Academy and Preschool - founded by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  2. If you could get a donor meeting with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
    • to work with people of surplus - someone within the La Godus organization 
  3. Is there enough money out there for organizations doing good works?
    • Let's find out 
  4. What is one piece of advice that you would give your past self?
    • Back when she was raising four babies - you'll socialize again and the incredible work ethic you are cultivating will be used and pay off.
  5. Who are 3 people who have most influenced you, professionally?
    • Fr. Corey Roast, her Husband and Jon & Evelyn Bean
  6. What is one fact about Josh that most people don’t know?
    • During a hard deployment, she was lent a relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton who is the patron saint of military families, and now attends St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish and her children attend the school. 


Andrew's Take-Aways

  1. We need to manage all of our money and being good stewards of the remaining 90%, not simply the 10% we aim to tithe. 
  2. We all struggle to talk about finances and it's not fair to blame priests for doing poorly as it is all of our responsibility to step up and begin the conversation.
  3. Give based on our ability. Not simply 10%. Radical giving brings so many blessings to our lives and we shouldn't limit ourselves. 


Action Item

Check out programs like Journey of Generosity and the Compass Catholic Bible Studies to explore if one of these would work for you or someone in your life. You can find information at and 


If you would like to connect with Caitlyn and Compass Catholic, you can find them on FaceBook @CompassCatholicMinistries and connect through their website Participating in the 6-week Bible Studies is also a great way to get involved.

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