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Entrepreneurship and Jeopardy - Interview with John Cannon

In this episode, Andrew visits with John Cannon, Founder of SENT Ventures. They discuss the challenges that Catholic entrepreneurs face and how to find success in chaotic times. During this episode they talk about Saintly stories, fantastic failures, lasting legacies and divine inspiration. And even more deeply, new ways of serving the Church and the people of God. This interview originally took place during the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020.

Show Notes:

Before SENT, John worked in politics and different business management arenas. He experienced an intense conversion where he discerned the priestly life with the Carmalites and then continued on to studied theology. During his studies he recognized a spirit of entrepreneurship through Saints Benedict, Francis and other saints that ultimately led him to starting SENT.

What is SENT?

SENT contributes to Catholic Church renewal by fueling the next generation of leaders to meet their business, personal and spiritual goals with the support and accountability of a community.

Lasting Legacies

This monastic order was founded over 1500 years ago and has lasted longer than any other, what order is it? Benedictine

Who said, “If you want to success, you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”? – John D. Rockefeller 

Fantastic Failures

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, what percent of business fail within the first 5 years? 50% of business

This beatified 19th century monk lived as a hermit in Algeria and at his death, he had zero converts? Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Divine Inspiration

Who is the 20th century Catholic media mogal that stepped out in faith to start a radio/tv station and had a donation for the exact amount of a satellite dish? Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN

According to the Bible, who supported his ministry by operating a successful tent making business? St. Paul, Act 18

Saintly Stories

Who is the Catholic patron saint of business people? Saint Homobonus

This saint was praying in front of a cross when he heard, "Rebuild my church"? – Saint Francis


If you would like to connect with John, his contact information can be found on his website


Andrew’s takeaways:

  1. What makes a lasting legacy in the business world? We need to have a higher purpose and be consistent.
  2. The importance of communicating the value of your business/product/ministry.
  3. Challenge to anyone looking to start a business - Look at our societies’ human and spiritual needs, and understand how your business serves the needs of others in a unique way and how can you help them grow in holiness and lead them closer to God and to heaven.


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Be bold and the Lord will provide. #thistooshallpass


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