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How to do Donor Zoom Calls - Tara Troy Doyon

In this episode, Tara Troy Doyon, Petrus Development Consultant, engages us with 10 tips for Donor Zoom Calls. This Petrus Lunch and Learn session is so helpful in wading through all the changes we are dealing with in this new time for fundraising. Tara breaks the process down so easily and makes it achievable. Let us know what tips you try.

Show Notes:

Tara's 10 Tips:

1. Outline what you want to say

  • Have cue cards
  • Have a compelling story
  • Make sure you are clear on the ask project & amount

2. Practice your session

  • Talk through different scenarios, be prepared to totally shift if they   deliver bad news
  • Test computer audio & video
  • Redirect your eye to the computer camera

3. Create an appropriate environment

  • Be aware of background and surroundings, including lightening.  Play   around with different settings
  • Minimize noise distractions such as children or pets, or cell phones

4. Dress professionally

  • Wear muted color clothing, no distracting colors

5. Invite participants to the meeting in a manner that is consistent to        your regular communication style with them

6. Begin the meeting with prayer

7. Acknowledge the awkwardness of the situation

8. Follow standard development practices

  • Simple conversation
  • Clear and accurate need
  • How that need can be fulfilled
  • Means that that can be accomplished, check, EFT, credit card, stock   donation
  • Silence after ask
  • Clear follow up procedure

9. After the call, send a handwritten thank you card or note

10. Schedule additional calls, use this time as a good reason to reach            out to people that geographically make it hard to visit


If you have questions, or want to share a success story, email me at [email protected] or send us a Facebook message. We’re always happy to help. God bless.

Be bold and the Lord will provide. #thistooshallpass


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