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Newest Member of the Petrus Team - An Interview with Joelle Fitzmaurice

Welcome to Season 4 of the Petrus Development Show. Today Andrew is joined by our newest team member, Joelle Fitzmaurice, Junior Consultant with Petrus Development. In this episode, Andrew and Joelle visit about her background, what brought her into the fundraising world, and what she’s learning and doing so far with Petrus.

Show Notes:


While she now resides outside of Washington D.C., Joelle is originally from small town Wisconsin. When deciding on college, it was important to her to keep her Catholic faith during college and decided on Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. During college she interned with the Alumni Program which was her first stint in fundraising. After college she worked in politics before being called into missions and connected with FOCUS, where she worked for two years. In June of 2021, she came on board at Petrus Development.


Fundraising for FOCUS

How did participants react to fundraising? Those that are familiar with fundraising loved the process, those that hadn’t ever experienced it had a harder time. You are given a month and a half to raise your salary and it is a marathon, not a sprint.


Petrus Development

She is enjoying helping aid the big state of growth that Petrus is in. As well as working a lot in marketing. One of the biggest items we teach our clients is how important it is to effectively communicate with clients, students, donors.

Currently, she is meeting with clients and working with those specifically in the Annual Manual program. Seeing them grow and being able to encourage and guide is most rewarding.


Lightening Round

  1. If you could fund-raise for any organization or cause at any time in history, what would it be?
    • Post Revolution America
  2. If you could get a donor meeting with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
    • John Paul II
  3. Is there enough money out there for every organization that's doing good work?
    • Yes, if we are doing God’s will, He is going to bless us. It might not be on our timeline, but He will provide.
  4. What is one piece of advice that you would give your past self?
    • Detachment from perfectionism.
  5. Who are 3 people who have most influenced you, professionally?
    • Her boss in college, the staff at her internship, her parents
  6. What is one fact about Joelle that most people don’t know?
    • In college, she worked at the wedding reception for Nick Jonas.
  7. What is a book that you would recommend?
    • “The Catholic Table” and “These Beautiful Bones” by Emily Stimpton and “Theology of the Home Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday” by Carrie Gress

If you would like to connect with Joelle, you can reach out to her by email at [email protected].  


If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]. Please reach out and I would love to connect. God bless you and your work and I will continue to pray for your success.


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