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An Easter Message from Our Petrus President, Andrew Robison

Happy Easter!


This Sunday morning, I was sitting with my four young kids and praying for a calm and peaceful time at Mass. As I was doing that, God brought it to my mind that there are seasons for everything. There are seasons for calm and peaceful times at Mass, and there are seasons for chaos, gritted teeth and patience. It became clear quickly that yesterday, my family was in the latter season!


In our culture, we have become accustomed to wanting things a certain way. We live in a world of expectations, and when reality falls short, we can fall into feelings of disappointment, dread and even doom. I know that I can fall into that trap.  


In my defense though, they did the same thing centuries ago. Think about the expectations of the apostles. They gave up everything and put their faith and trust in Jesus. Surely they all expected the Son of God to whip the Romans, right? I mean, He's the Christ! The King.


His torture and death on the cross must have rocked their world. So much so that they had all given up hope. Probably none of them actually expected Him to rise from the dead.


Two thousand years later we have the luxury of knowing the full story, and may even view the apostles (especially Peter) as just a bunch of faithless numskulls.


But then, history has a way of repeating itself. We know better and still do the same thing. We expect to be saved from every trial. God can whip anything...and He will, right? And when that doesn't happen, and the trials hit us, we instantly give up hope.


It's a tough cycle, but at least we can claim to be in good company. ­čśü


This Easter Season, I hope that we can put our faith in God in a new way, and trust that He actually knows what He is doing. God is all-knowing and all-powerful...but neither of those mean that He will protect us from every challenge.


God tells Moses, "I Am that I Am."


God is God. He knows what has, is and will ever happen. It is up to us to trust and believe in Him and His providence. And when we (or our organizations) face trials, it's our duty to remain hopeful that God has a plan, and continue the work that He calls us to.


Back to my kids in Mass. We did not have a calm and peaceful Mass, and yet, we were still witness to the miracle of Christ's love and sacrifice and were blessed in our faith. Even in the chaos, God's love will always shine through. Alleluia to that.



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