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How Do I Even Get Started Fundraising For A Nonprofit?

BOAT Program Launch


Nobody goes to college to learn how to be a fundraiser. So many times, development professionals tend to end up in the field almost by accident.


Without that educational background, the best practices for raising substantial money for a nonprofit are not always obvious or intuitive.


Many of us are stuck in the old (bad) habits of bake sales, bazaars, and door-to-door magazine sales to raise money for our organizations.  These are high-effort, low return activities. 


Good news:  There is a better way to fundraise!


There are proven systems and best practices that will help you raise four-, five-, and even six-figure gifts from individual donors. These are transformative gifts that can ramp up your organization's impact dramatically. This is known as "major gifts fundraising."


But there is a process for nonprofits to get to the point of major gifts fundraising:

  • Before you begin major gifts fundraising, you need to build a list of qualified prospects to approach.
  • To build a list of qualified prospects, you need an active, refined annual fund strategy.
  • For a strong annual fund, you need a well-maintained fundraising database and a steady communications schedule
  • Before all of these pieces, you need a well-articulated vision and case for support.


There are many components that need to be in place and working correctly to make a major gifts program run like a well-oiled machine. But each component comes with its own considerations and best practices.


That is why Petrus Development has created the blueprint for building this well-oiled fundraising machine: Basic Online Advancement Training, which we affectionately refer to as BOAT.


BOAT is a 10 week, online, cohort-based course that will help you get the fundamentals of fundraising correct.


Are you looking to build a self-sustaining fundraising program for your nonprofit?

Then BOAT is for you.


Or, do you need to onboard a new development staff member and get them up to speed quickly?

Then BOAT is for you.


Registration for the first BOAT cohort is open NOW until September 27, 2023.


Invest in yourself and in your organization's fundraising program.


As your fundraising grows, so can your ministry. As you ministry grows, so can its impact on the people it serves.


If you had invested in fundraising 5 years ago, what would your organization look like today?

If you invest in fundraising today, what can your organization look like in 5 years?


 To learn more about Basic Online Advancement Training, click here.



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