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CCMA Members to Receive FREE MONTH of Petrus Annual Manual

In an email today, Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA) Executive Director, Mike St. Pierre announced a collaboration between Petrus Development and CCMA. St. Pierre announced that all active CCMA members would be eligible for ONE FREE MONTH of the Petrus Annual Manual if they sign up with Petrus by July 20. This is a savings of $1,000! Full email is below.


Thursday, June 28

Is your campus ministry looking for a way to fund much-needed growth? Have you outpaced your financial support from the Diocese or Province? Petrus Development, a long-time friend of CCMA, believes that “Mission Follows Money and Money Follows Mission.” Since 2005, Petrus has helped over 100 Catholic ministries put together development plans which have led to more donations and stronger and more active ministries.

But how can you know where to start fundraising if you have never done it before?

Petrus is announcing a new program called the Petrus Annual Manual. The Annual Manual was designed specifically to help those ministries that know that they need to build a database of supporters and consistently engage them, but are not ready to hire a full-time development director and train them to raise major gifts. The Annual Manual provides organizations with four elements to get you started:

– 12-Month Development Calendar
– Digital Library of over 100 How-to Guides and Sample Materials
– 52 Weekly Instructional Emails
– Weekly Phone Consultation with a Petrus Team Member

These elements are the core of the Annual Manual, but you can learn all the details at

The best part of the Annual Manual is that it was created in a manner specifically designed to keep costs low. All work can be done by members of your team and all guidance and coaching is conducted virtually. Your team can have access to the complete program for just $1,000 per month for the first year. Additionally, Petrus has generously agreed to offer one month for free to any CCMA member that signs up for the Annual Manual by July 20! This is a savings of $1,000. If you know that you need to get started or need a plan to improve your development efforts, please don’t wait another year to get started.

Why not consider the Petrus Annual Manual for your ministry? If you are further along in your development efforts, but still need some help connecting with more alumni, parents and donors, Petrus has consulting services for that as well. Email Andrew Robison at [email protected] or call him at 979.229.3183 for more details.

With prayers for you and your ministry,

Michael St. Pierre, Ed.D.
Executive Director

Visit today to read more about this program, watch videos, and complete our contact form to receive two free downloads of the How-To Guides.

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