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Women in Philanthropy 


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Episode 009: Brenda Canella of the Archdiocese of Denver (Click to Listen)

In this episode Tara and Sarah are joined by Brenda Canella of the Archdiocese of Denver. They discuss how Brenda went from being a full-time mother of five to working fulltime and how she integrated the two pieces of her world into one fulfilled life. Learn how to create a flexible work environment and how you can approach your employer for those changes. Brenda gives excellent advise on how to handle being a working mother when the culture may not approve.


Episode 008: Amy Kawula of The Compass of the Diocese of Green Bay (Click to Listen)

In this episode Tara and Sarah are joined by Amy Kawula, the Advertising & Marketing Manager of The Compass at the Diocese of Green Bay. They discuss the importance of communication in your development work in a way that lets you see a variety through the wide range of Amy's experience. Learn how development officers can approach communication offices in the diocese for great success. Amy also gives us fantastic advice for women who would like to work in the church in a leadership position.


Episode 007: Helen Osman and Katie Richards of Greater Wings (Click to Listen)

In this episode Tara and Sarah are joined by Sarah's mother and sister Helen Osman and Katie Richards of Greater Wings. In this episode, they cover a wide range of topics that all come back to the importance of communication in your ministry, in your teams and in the church. Honesty and open communication build trust as well as allow you to fulfill your mission. Find out how you can build and incorporate working communication skills in your organization.


Episode 006: Leticia Ochoa Adams, Writer & Speaker (Click to Listen)

In this episode Tara and Sarah are joined by Leticia Ochoa-Adams, Writer and Speaker. They discuss being "poor" in the Catholic Church as well as grieving a great loss and how the church responds. Find out what the similarities are when giving as a donor and giving as a community rallying around one of their own.


Episode 005: Sandy Guzmán of Four Leaf Financial and Accounting (Click to Listen)

In this episode Tara and Sarah are joined by Sandy Guzmán, Senior Accounting Specialist at Four Leaf Financial and Accounting. They discuss the importance of finances in leadership. As well as how understanding the story the numbers are telling you allows you make decisions that will help your organization and your personal giving.


Episode 004: Sister Kathleen Lunsmann of Support Our Aging Religious (Click to Listen)

The Women in Philanthropy podcast is back! Hosted by Tara Doyon, Director of Client Services and Sarah Rose, Director of Communications. In this episode they are joined by Sister Kathleen Lunsmann, President of Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR). This great conversation includes female roles in leadership, donor centric development and how this can transform an "ask" into a mission to build the Kingdom. They also discuss the power of listening and the gifts it can bring to you and to your donor.


Episode 003: Jeannie Sager of Women's Philanthropy Institute (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Sarah and Tara are continuing the conversation of Women in Philanthropy. In Part 3, they visit with Jeannie Sager, Director of the Woman's Philanthropy Institute. During this episode they discuss the transfer of wealth of women and women as professionals working in the development sector.


Episode 002: Kathleen Criscione of Nurturing Family Therapy (Click to Listen)

In this episode, we continue from last week with Part 2 of our Women in Philanthropy series, hosted by Tara Doyon and Sarah Rose. In Part 2, Sarah and Tara visit with Kathleen Criscione, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Play Therapist, mother of 3 and practicing Catholic. Join them as they discuss how to let go of the unrealistic expectations set for working women. And how to create a healthy work-life balance.


Episode 001: Kerry Robinson of Leadership Roundtable (Click to Listen) 

In this episode of the Petrus Development Show, Andrew turns the mic over to Sarah Rose and Tara Doyon for the three part series, "Women in Philanthropy."

Today, 54% of adults who identify as Catholic are women. Historically, beginning when Jesus charged Peter with maintaining and building the Church, and for 2000 years following, leadership in the Church has been predominantly male. However, we see changes in today's arena, where more women are involved in church leadership than ever before.

The reality is that we live in a time when having diversity of thought and background in our society and our institution’s leadership is critical to being able to reach out and evangelize the world. The need to engage women and the need to understand what that engagement should and could look like is more important than ever.

And at Petrus, we want to be part of leading and fostering that conversation. This episode, and the next 2 episodes will focus the guests and conversations on the topic of Women in Philanthropy. Today's episode welcomes Kerry Robinson, Partner of Leadership Roundtable.

We are pleased to jump into this first of the three-part Women in Philanthropy series.


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