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Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes

#1. Episode 1 [10/8/18] - Mike Perkins: The Glorious Arena of Fundraising

#2. Episode 12 [3/18/18] - John Flynn: Good to Great

#3. Episode 14 [4/16/19] - Fr Ben Hasse: Multiply the Mission

#4. Episode 7 [1/8/19] - Jacob Laskowski: The 86 Effect

#5. Episode 2 [10/23/18] - Frank Shannon: Selling the Sizzle

#6. Episode 13 [4/2/19] - Kerry Robinson: Imagining Abundance

#7. Episode 5 [12/4/18] - Peter de Keratry, CFRE: Into the Deep

#8. Episode 10 [2/19/19] - Sarah Robinson and Patrick Glaze: FOCUS Fundraising

#9. Episode 26 [1/7/20] - Jason Shanks: Innovation Challenge

#10. PLC 2019 [7/8/19] - James Baxter of Exodus 90: Building a Catholic Ministry

Episode 41 - What's Working During Covid: Monthly Giving (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Megan O'Brien Crayne, Campus Minister at Brown-RISD Catholic Community. In this episode of the "What's Working in Covid" series, Andrew and Megan talk about monthly giving and how Megan was able to launch a new donor-matched program for young alumni. They discuss Megan's three-part plan, the hurdles she came up against and how she dealt with them. Through these efforts, they were able to see a large percentage jump in their annual giving.


Episode 40: Josh Whelan - To the Next Level (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Josh Whelan, Vice President and Senior Consultant of Petrus Development. This is the first episode of Season 3 for the Petrus Development Show. In this episode, we get to know Josh and hear some of his history which has led him to his work today. Andrew and Josh talk about Josh's experience in development and philanthropy. As well as Josh's faith and how to find the best practices for your organization and, ultimately, your personal journey. 


Episode 39: Scott Weeman - Catholic in Recovery (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Scott Weeman, Founder of Catholic in Recovery. They discuss the connection between the Church and recovery. And they talk about what fundraising looks like in an arena that, historically, hasn't been viewed with high importance. And how fundraising and recovery is so much about building relationships. “So much of what we are seeking in life, it comes down to wanting authentic relationships.” This interview originally took place during the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020.


Episode 38: Career Counseling Panel (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Josh Whelan, Petrus Vice President, moderates the Career Counseling Panel with panelists: Frank Shannon, Valerie Pletcher and Dan Moraczewski. These three outstanding panelists have a combined 60 years experience in fundraising for the Catholic and non-profit sector and share great insights into the philanthropy world and the development career path. This interview originally took place during the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020.


Episode 37: Matt Bond - Capital Campaigns (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Josh Whelan, Petrus Vice President, visits with Matt Bond, Director of Development at St. John's Catholic Student Center at Oklahoma State University. They discuss the current Capital Campaign that is taking place at St. John's Catholic Center. They will discuss the $25 million campaign to build a new Church and Student Center, expand the campus ministry team and establish an endowment. They have raised over $15 million in gifts and pledges and will launch the campaign to the public in September. In this interview, you will learn steps to launching a campaign and get insight into what to expect. This interview originally took place during the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020.


Episode 36: John Cannon - Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Church (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with John Cannon, Founder of SENT Ventures. They discuss the challenges that Catholic entrepreneurs face and how to find success in chaotic times. During this episode they talk about Saintly stories, fantastic failures, lasting legacies and divine inspiration. And even more deeply, new ways of serving the Church and the people of God. This interview originally took place during the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020.


Episode 35: Petrus Virtual Conference 2020 Recap (Click to Listen)

In this episode, the Petrus Team recaps moments from the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020. From recalling their favorite quotes and stories from the speakers to epiphany moments, they unpack it all. Don't miss out for their take-aways and how you can continue to be "Always Forward" in your ministry, especially in these uncharted times.


Episode 34: Frank Cummins and Joe Hendricks - Getting Appointments (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Joe Hendrickx, Major Gifts Officer at St. Paul's Newman Center at NDSU and Frank Cummings, Director of Development at School of Faith. They discuss how to make calls and get appointments with donors and potential donors. They talk about the anatomy of a phone call and walk through different troubleshooting ideas when the donor says no. And how to deal with motivation versus action. Frank and Joe presented this talk at the Petrus Virtual Conference 2020.


Episode 33: Tara Doyon - How to Make a Donor Zoom Call (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Tara Troy Doyon, Petrus Development Consultant, engages us with 10 tips for Donor Zoom Calls. This Petrus Lunch and Learn session is so helpful in wading through all the changes we are dealing with in this new time for fundraising. Tara breaks the process down so easily and makes it achievable. Let us know what tips you try.


Episode 32: Liz Schriner - Stepping in Faith (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Liz Schriner, Director of Market Engagement & Special Gifts at Franciscan University of Steubenville. They discuss how to approach fundraising in new ways. From innovation and extension to Catholic impact investing and donor advice funds. They will also discuss how to step forward into this new era of current and post pandemic philanthropy.


Episode 31: Sarah Rose - Authentic and Intentional (Click to Listen)

Andrew visits with Sarah Rose, Consultant with Petrus Development. They discuss how to develop authentic and intentional relationships as a development officer. They will also discuss how to develop skills and confidence in your work in the development world. And how to deal with distractions when they feel too important to your work to be labeled as a distraction.


Virtual Summit Day 14: Call to Holiness with Bishop Mike Sis (Click to Listen)

On Day 14 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Bishop Mike Sis of the Diocese of San Angelo, TX joined to talk about the call to holiness in light of the pandemic.


CARES Act Overview (Click to Listen)

Carlos de Quesada of of VeraCruz Advisory Group joined Andrew to discuss what nonprofit organizations need to know about the recent CARES Act that was recently signed into law to provide relief funding for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Virtual Summit Day 13: Social Media Content with Val Villareal from Instagram (Click to Listen)

On Day 13 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus Valerie Villarreal, project manager at Instagram, discussed utilizing social media content for your ministry in this time of crisis.


Virtual Summit Day 12: Crisis Budgeting with Brenda Cannelli (Click to Listen)

On Day 12 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus Brenda Cannella, CFO for the Archdiocese of Denver, shared from his experience in budgeting and planning in a time of crisis. Brenda discussed her experience in assessing fundraising results from the midst of the 2008 financial crisis and applying those lessons to development planning during her time with FOCUS. She also talks about budgeting and forecasting, assessing vulnerabilities to stress test budgets, utilizing “rainy day” funds when rainy days like this arrive, and considerations for taking advantage of the CARES act for small business loans as part of the recent federal stimulus plan.


Virtual Summit Day 11: Optimizing Online and Monthly Giving (Click to Listen)

On Day 11 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Debra Richmond from the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Houston shared 3 best practices for designing online giving pages and driving traffic. Next, Rhen Hoehn from St. Albert the Great University Parish at Michigan Tech University told about his experience building a monthly giving program and gave tips for stewarding current monthly donors while adding new monthly donors.


Virtual Summit Day 10: Open Q&A (Click to Listen)

Day 10 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus was an open question and answer session. A number of live polls were taken among the call participants to get a better sense of the Catholic development landscape during the pandemic. Some of the many topics discussed included the eligibility of nonprofits for stimulus funds, the impact of check-in calls and other communications with our donors right now, the changes and struggles we are dealing with as fundraisers right now, and suggestions for coping with stress in this tough time.


Virtual Summit Day 9: Grants with Larry Massey (Click to Listen)

On Day 9 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Larry Massey from the Scanlan Foundation shared from his experience in grant writing and grant making and offered a list of 6 tips for securing more grants.


Virtual Summit Day 8: Leading in Crisis with Kerry Robinson (Click to Listen)

On Day 8 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Kerry Robinson, Global Ambassador from the Leadership Roundtable shared lessons she has learned and maxims she has development about leadership in a crisis.


Virtual Summit Day 7: Strategy with Kate Sell (Click to Listen)

On Day 7 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Kate Sell of Mission Advancement Partners shared tips and ideas for creating and adapting a strategic plan in the midst of a crisis.


Virtual Summit Day 6: Bridging Ministry and Finance (Click to Listen)

As part of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Matt Regitz, Parish Coach for Divine Renovation and David Light, Finance Council Chair for Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Tomball, TX joined us to discuss bridging the gap between ministry and finance. They discussed how this crisis has the potential to move us from maintenance to mission quicker and more deliberately.


Virtual Summit Day 5: Open Q&A (Click to Listen)

Week 2 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit kicked off with another Q&A Session which included inspirational stories from development officers in the field.


Virtual Summit Day 4: Donor Communications and Budgeting (Click to Listen)

As part of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Andrew Robison, President reviewed communication appeals from parishes and Newman Centers and discussed positive and effective language. Also in the session was a discussion around budgeting for fiscal year 2021 when ministry goals will be shifting. Josh Whelan, VP of Petrus and Matt Bond, Director of Development for St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church at Oklahoma State University advice and personal testimony on the topic of budgeting.


Virtual Summit Day 3: Red Teaming (Click to Listen)

As part of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus, Darin Paine, PhD shares a presentation on how to Red Team your Development Program. "When a plan is in place we often focus on what it will accomplish. However, we may miss critical considerations or get derailed by unexpected variables. But, what if considering the unexpected was part of the plan? What if the unexpected had already been discussed? Red Teaming is a way to question the plan, to identify weaknesses, to give your rogue colleagues a voice - without being a jerk - and incorporate more of your organization. With historical roots to modern day military training, Red Teaming can help you conquer the competition by challenging everything. Based on Bryce G. Hoffman's book, Red Teaming."


Virtual Summit Day 2: Checking in with Donors (Click to Listen)

Join Tara Doyon, Petrus Consultant and Director of Stewardship and Development at St. Paul Catholic Center at Indiana University as she leads a discussion about "Communicating with your Donors" during the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus.


Virtual Summit Day 1: Open Q&A (Click to Listen)

Join Andrew Robison, President as he kicks off Day 1 of the COVID-19 & Fundraising Virtual Summit by Petrus with a prayer, introduction and Open Q&A Session. Guests on the episode include Mike St. Pierre, Executive Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association and Tara Doyon, Petrus Consultant and Director of Stewardship and Development at St. Paul Catholic Center at Indiana University.

Episode 30: Michelle Sutton - Worthy of Profound Generosity (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Michelle Sutton, Director of Development at the Duke Catholic Center. They discuss a variety of strategies in fundraising within campus ministries. Talking about interacting and building relationships with their students, parents and community. And how to build a sustainable annual fund by creating long-term strategy.


Episode 29: Tom Ahern - Donor Centric Fundraising (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Tom Ahern, communications guru and author of six books, including How to Write Fundraising Materials that Raise More Money and What Your Donors Want and Why. They discuss a variety of topics and strategies, all in the world of communications. Tom is a huge advocate for “donor centric” messaging and firmly believes that is the way to raising more money now and building long-term donor loyalty. Tom also shares his thoughts on some new research on “identity based fundraising” and how nonprofits can incorporate very simple changes into their communication pieces.


Training Episode 2: Andrew Robison - Senior Class Gift (Click to Listen)

Webinar Recording


Episode 28: Jeanne Mancini - A Passionate March (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jeanne Mancini, President for the March for Life Education and Defense Fund. Andrew and Jeanne discussed her personal commitment to the pro-life world, how they have transformed their development program in recent years and what it was like to host the president at the March. Jeanne also shared about a very surprising phone call she received the day after the March.


Who's Presenting at the 2020 Leadership Conference? (Click to Listen)

As we continue to inch closer to the Petrus Leadership Conference on June 7-10, and we get much closer to the January 31 cutoff for Early Bird Registration Rates, we wanted to share with you a few of the great speakers who will be presenting at the conference. Andrew also shares some memorable (and infamous) moments from the last couple Petrus Leadership Conferences


Episode 27: Cristina Barba - When the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Cristina Barba, President of The Culture Project International. Andrew and Cristina discuss her personal and professional background and how The Culture Project came to be. They also discuss the struggles and hopes of starting The Culture Project and the issues they are seeing in schools as they strive to restore culture through the experience of virtue.


Episode 26: Jason Shanks - Innovation Challenge (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jason Shanks, President of Our Sunday Visitor Institute. Andrew and Jason discuss his personal and professional background and the path that brought him to Our Sunday Visitor. They also discuss how OSV is taking steps to bring innovation and growth into fundraising. They discuss the OSV Challenge and the new ideas that are coming from the endeavor.


Episode 25: Andrew Robison - Just Don't Let Me Look Like an Idiot, Lord (Click to Listen)

In this episode, we flip the mic and interview the host, Andrew Robison. Andrew shares about his background, some of the successes and failures that he has experienced after 15 years in this business and that time that he was in a plane crash and nearly died (spoiler...he lived but missed his catering job the next day).


Episode 24: Kathryn Whitaker - Live Big, Love Bigger (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Kathryn Whitaker: Catholic wife and mother of six, Business Owner, Graphic Designer, Blogger, and Author of Live Big, Love Bigger. Andrew and Kathryn discuss her professional background and her work in graphic design, especially with Catholic non-profits, with great tips, including the importance of cohesiveness in your brand and telling your ministry's story. They also discuss Kathryn's book, an extension of her blog, which sprung from the traumatic birth experience of her fifth child, and led to a more intentional, Christ-centered family life.


Episode 23: Julie Kenny - #iGiveCatholic (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Julie Kenny. Julie is the National Program Director for iGiveCatholic. Julie explains the origins of iGiveCatholic, why iGiveCatholic exists and what it is designed to do for Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, and ministries. Andrew and Julie discuss how the movement-turned organization began, the mechanics of the iGiveCatholic platform, some basic questions about the platform and certain concerns that some considering it might have regarding donor data and security. Finally, Julie addresses the future of iGiveCatholic and plans for moving forward. Ultimately, as Andrew notes, the movement is driven by the question - "How can we serve the Church in a way that is responsive to the culture and technology?"


Episode 22: Tim Glemkowski - Made for Mission (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew speaks with Tim Glemkowski, Co-Founder and President of L'Alto. L'Alto Catholic Institute exists to help parishes meet the challenges and opportunities of this New Evangelization head on by helping them Win, Build, and Send missionary disciples. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati's famous battle cry, "Verso l'alto" means "to the heights" and L'Alto Catholic Institute seeks to inspire Catholics to seek after the heights of holiness and mission. Tim is also one of the founding members of Revive Parishes. Revive serves pastors, staff, and volunteers of parishes to help form joyful missionary disciples among the faithful. Tim's new book, Made for Mission: Renewing Your Parish Culture was just released and can be found on amazon. Andrew and Tim discuss the risk of mission in this interview. Tim's goal is to make Jesus Christ the center of personal and parish life.


Episode 21: Stan Guimont - Opened Envelopes, Opened Hearts (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew speaks with Stan Guimont, Account Manager with Palmer Non-profit Communications, a commercial direct mail provider that works with the general non-profit world. Stan has been an account manager with Palmer since 2005. As an air force veteran, Stan began working in advertising in the mid eighties, then spent some time as a radio account executive. He then worked for a publishing company whose clients were mostly non-profits. Stan has found a fulfilling career with Palmer using his creativity and natural sales ability to help his clients. He demonstrates a deep and genuine care for his clients and their needs and provides a wealth of knowledge about direct mail best practices.


Episode 20: Chris Hanzeli - Lessons from Online Consumer Behavior (Click to Listen)

In this episode Andrew visits with Chris Hanzeli about two of his different roles in development and his masters research. Executive Director of Institutional Advancement for the Western Dominican Province, Chris Hanzeli has a Masters of Philanthropy and Development through St. Mary's University in Winona, Minnesota.


Episode 19: Fr. Larry Rice - Trust and Understanding (Click to Listen)

Director of Campus Ministry for the University Catholic Center at the University of Texas at Austin, Fr. Larry Rice discusses his role at the UCC and also his previous role as Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas More Newman Center at the Ohio State University. He compares and contrasts working in campus ministry at these two schools. Fr. Larry just celebrated his 30th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood with the Paulist Fathers. He understands campus ministry and the principles of development and takes his role as supervisor seriously. Share this episode with a priest.


Episode 18: Jason Simon - Path of My Salvation (Click to Listen)

Evangelical Catholic has been forming missionary disciples since the early 1990s. The Evangelical Catholic works nationally to support dioceses parishes and university campus ministries to lead self-sustaining evangelization movements through their customized coaching service and online learning management system. Evangelical Catholic currently works with over 100 Catholic ministries across the nation. Jason Simon is the President of Evangelical Catholic. In this episode he discusses his journey through Evangelical Catholic, his faith journey, and how that relates not just to fundraising but to running an organization.


PLC19: Dennis and Marie Wierzbicki - Donor Panel (Click to Listen)

Dennis and Marie Wierzbicki, benefactors to the "One Church, Many Disciples" Capital Campaign for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City sat down with Peter de Keratry at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference to share about their experience as donors. Dennis is the president of Ditch Witch and Marie is a volunteer for many nonprofit organizations in and around Oklahoma City. Dennis and Marie shared lessons they have learned along their philanthropic journey, how they have encouraged their children to be philanthropic and what their experience getting involved and giving to the "One Church, Many Disciples" campaign was like. Dennis and Marie were part of a donor panel at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on June 23-26. This is the audio recording of their presentation.


PLC19: James Baxter of Exodus90 - Building a Catholic Ministry (Click to Listen)

James Baxter, Co-Founder of Exodus 90, has served as its Executive Director since 2015. He attended St. John Vianney Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota and St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in St. Meinrad, Indiana before discerning God was calling him to marriage and secular life. In 2015, supported by his Board, James assumed responsibility for scaling Exodus 90 from a seminary formation program into a spiritual exercise for the renewal of the Church. James presented at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on June 23-26. This is the audio recording of his presentation.


PLC19: John Flynn - Good to Great (Click to Listen)

John Flynn, Vice President of Advancement for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), presented at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference. This is an audio recording of his presentation. John discussed the nine virtues of Catholic development officers and the "five rights" of making an ask. To view the slides from his presentation, visit


Episode 17: David Pederson - Continuing the Legacy (Click to Listen)

David Pederson has been the Director of Development for the Catholic Community Foundation for the Diocese of Phoenix since 2013. He has worked in development for over ten years at multiple Catholic campus ministries and the Diocese of Phoenix. In this episode, Andrew and David explore the basics of planned giving: What is it? What types of gifts are made in this type of giving? As well as how to approach donors about planned giving and how to begin a program like that at the Catholic Community Foundation for the Diocese of Phoenix. David offers practical advice for the development professional wanting to explore planned giving as an option for future growth of their ministry.


Episode 16: Mary Hernandez - Wisdom for Every Generation (Click to Listen)

Mary Hernandez is the Executive Director of Advancement for Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Student Center at the University of Louisiana - Lafayette. Mary is an alum of UL and was a member of the parish prior to receiving an invitation by Fr. Bryce Sibley to help with a fundraising project. Mary accepted and turned a temporary assignment into a full-time position running communications and eventually the development program. In their conversation, Mary and Andrew discuss how the growth of the ministry really spurred growth in their development efforts and how a long-term vision for serving the students of UL has led them to launch a $22M capital campaign to build a new student center.


Episode 15: Keith Myers - Philanthropy, Purpose and Presence (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Keith Myers, the Director of Advancement for St. John XXIII College Preparatory in Houston, Texas. Keith and Andrew discuss the importance of tying the ministry of development into forming stewards with intentionality of purpose. They highlight the importance of Christ at the center of that intention. Keith learned valuable strategies for success in development though his career, which included IT supercomputer sales. These strategies include setting clear goals and tracking your data. Ultimately, being truly present to another person is of utmost importance.


Episode 14: Fr. Ben Hasse - Multiply the Mission (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Fr. Ben Hasse, the Pastor of St. Albert the Great University Parish in Houghton, Michigan and St. Anne Catholic Church in Chassell, Michigan. St. Al's is an active and vibrant parish and home to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Michigan Technological University, Finlandia University, and Gogebic Community College in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In addition to being pastor of two parishes, Fr. Ben is the vocations director for the Diocese of Marquette. During their conversation, he joyfully tells of his experience in ministry and development for the university parish. He speaks of the practical concerns of running a parish and student center while also emphasizing the importance of relationship.


Episode 13: Kerry Robinson - Imagining Abundance (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Kerry Robinson the Global Ambassador of Leadership Roundtable and author of the book, "Imagining Abundance: Fundraising, Philanthropy and a Spiritual Call to Service" Kerry details her experience working in development for the Catholic Student Center at Yale University and later goes on to describe the origins and legacy of Leadership Roundtable, packed with useful lessons along the way.


Episode 12: John Flynn - Good to Great (Click to Listen)

John Flynn is the Vice President of Philanthropy for FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. In this episode, John and Andrew discuss the impact that development can have on a ministry as well as the importance of having a plan and a vision for your ministry. Two tools for success explored are the Case for Support and the Blue Ribbon Committee. Other successful development strategies are also highlighted. Most importantly, a development officer in the Catholic Church needs to be committed to a life of prayer and participation in the Sacraments.


Episode 11: Larry Massey - The Scanlan Foundation (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with President of the Scanlan Foundation, Larry Massey. The Scanlan Foundation funds Catholic non profit organizations primarily in the Houston area. Their mission is to promote the Roman Catholic Church of Texas. Larry discusses his role with the Scanlan Foundation, as well as Scanlan's history and impact on the Houston community and the state of Texas. He also gives practical advice for how to interact with foundations like Scanlan and others.


Episode 10: Sarah Robinson and Patrick Glaze - FOCUS Fundraising (Click to Listen)

Sarah graduated from Ole Miss and Patrick, from Texas A&M, and both were sent to Wichita, Kansas in their first years as FOCUS missionaries. Both discovered FOCUS in college, at their respective campuses. Fundraising is a big part of participating in FOCUS and Sarah shares her initial feelings of fear towards fundraising, but had confidence in God's call and her ability to reach her goals. Patrick had no hesitation because his FOCUS team director gave him clear expectations for FOCUS missionaries before he applied. He was also involved in fundraising in college, both within a student organization and through St. Mary's Catholic Center's Class Gift.


Episode 9: Jason Gerdes - The Camp Experience (Click to Listen)

Jason Gerdes is Executive Director of Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministry and president of the Board of Trustees of ALDE. ALDE is a membership organization founded 40 years ago to bring together Lutheran fundraisers working in ministry. Originally called the Association for Lutheran Development Executives, ALDE is now growing and seeks to serve development professionals of all Christian denominations. I had a really great time talking with Jason about his work raising money for and now leading Outdoor Ministries as well as the role that ALDE serves bringing together fundraisers to build community and learn from one another.


Episode 8: Kate Sell - One Overarching Goal (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Kate Sell, founder and Managing Partner of Mission Advancement Partners. MAP is a collaborative team of individuals who work with Catholic parishes, dioceses and ministries to help them look at their own organizational strengths and weaknesses and develop short- and long-term strategies to better fulfill their mission. In this conversation they discuss how the vision, the team and fundraising go hand in hand to help an organization grow. 


Episode 7: Jason Laskowski - The 86 Effect (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jacob Laskowski, founder and CEO of 86 Creative, a full service marketing and design firm that’s worked with some of the most well known organizations currently serving the Catholic Church. In this conversation, they dive into the principles of design and marketing that most directly affect a charity's ability to fundraise and discuss how organizations can best position themselves to clearly explain their mission and vision.


Episode 6: Linda Domeyer - By the Grace of God (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Linda Domeyer, Director of Leadership Giving at St. Louis University High as well as Consultant for Petrus Development. Linda’s first job in development was for the Washington University Catholic Student Center, where she spent 17 years building a fantastic development program. In this episode, Linda and Andrew talk about how she initially learned about development, her first capital campaign experience, transitioning to a robust annual fund strategy and what she loves most about consulting. Linda also shares about the most expensive failure of her career.


Episode 5: Peter de Keratry, CFRE - Into the Deep (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Peter de Keratry, Executive Director of Stewardship & Development for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City as well as co-Founder of Petrus Development. Peter’s first real job in development started while he was still an undergraduate at Texas A&M, raising money for the St. Mary’s Catholic Center. Since then, Peter has had a significant impact on the development landscape across the Church and around the world. In this episode, we talk about how Peter learned the art and science of fundraising, why and how they founded Petrus Development and what Peter thinks is the most important thing that any development professional can do for his or her organization.


Episode 4: Tara Doyon - Building the Kingdom of God (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Tara Doyon, Director of Development and Mission Advancement at St. Paul Catholic Center at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Tara began her career in development at St. Paul in 2009 despite having no formal training in fundraising. She learned quickly the benefit of surrounding herself with great mentors and advisors and has had a huge impact on the Hoosier Catholic ministry. In this episode, Tara and Andrew discuss what she focused on in the beginning to be successful, her thoughts on Catholic stewardship and her current capital campaign project at St. Pauls.


Episode 3: Jamie Cappetta - Lectures, Metrics and Boards...Oh My (Click to Listen)

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jamie Cappetta, President of Our Savior Parish and USC Caruso Catholic Center. Jamie started his career as a street minister in South Boston but found his way into development thanks to an invitation from John Flynn, one of the co-founders of Petrus. In this episode, Andrew and Jamie discuss his career transitions, the great speaker series at Yale Catholic Center, his strong feelings about the importance of goals and metrics, the powerpacked board that he manages at the USC Caruso Catholic Center and much more.


Episode 2: Frank Shannon - Selling the Sizzle (Click to Listen)

In this episode, I visit with Frank Shannon, Executive Director of Development at St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University. Frank has been at St. Mary’s since 2013. My conversation with Frank covered a lot of topics, including his career before St. Mary’s, how he transitioned from 25 years in higher ed to a Catholic ministry and how the current campaign at St. Mary’s is going.


Episode 1: Mike Perkins - The Glorious Arena of Fundraising (Click to Listen)

In this episode Andrew visit with Mike Perkins, President and CEO of Heroic Media about his career, what he has learned about fundraising and ministry along the way and how he came into his current role with Heroic Media.


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