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Matt Bond

Petrus Consultant
Matt Bond is the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Family Life Center and a part time Consultant for Petrus. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife Sandy and sons Isaiah and Eli. Matt loves building things with his hands and is a huge Oklahoma State University sports fan. 

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How has your career evolved since its beginning? 
“I moved and flipped houses, was in insurance sales, was the director of Youth Ministries for the largest Catholic Church in Oklahoma, then started in Development”
Career highlights? 
“I took over an annual fund with no database, and no funding. Grew the database to 4K and were raising our $550K budget. Ran a $26 million capital campaign at St John, again starting from nothing, went public during the Covid quarantines, and still finished on time.” 
What mistakes and valuable lessons have you learned from? 
“Stop trying to do your will and follow His and taking action is the only way to reach your goals. Before I started development, I knew nothing of the profession but I was eager to learn and absorb everything. My advice, absorb every bit of advice you can, from conferences, books and local Development Directors.”
Favorite thing about Development? 
“Relationships, meeting new and great people.”

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