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Joelle Fitzmaurice


My name is Joelle Fitzmaurice. I live in the Washington, D.C. area with my husband, Will, and
our puppy, Chuck. I grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from Belmont Abbey in Charlotte,
North Carolina with a degree in business and psychology.

I have been working as a consultant since 2021. Before working with
Petrus I served as a FOCUS Missionary at George Washington University in Washington,
DC. My time as a missionary really established my love for fundraising and building
relationships with donors. Working with Petrus has been extremely valuable and educational. I
have learned so much about development best practices working with clients in a variety of
circumstances. Fundraising is truly an integral part of an organization’s spiritual ministry. As well
as an amazing opportunity to invite donors into mission and grow in community.



The Petrus Development Show, Ep. 90

Joelle Fitzmaurice: Newest Member of the Petrus Team


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