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Jamie Cappetta is a Consultant for Petrus Development. Clients that Jamie has worked with since joining the Petrus team in 2009 include the Pittsburgh Oratory, the Diocese of Richmond and the Catholic Campus Ministry at Columbia University. Jamie’s roles in campus ministry have included president, director of development and campus minister.

Currently, Jamie is the president of Our Savior Parish and USC Caruso Catholic Center. With a track record for building and serving Catholic communities in the northeast, while improving organizational infrastructures and operational efficiencies, Jamie most recently spent eight years with Saint Thomas More, The Catholic Chapel and Center at Yale University. On staff at Yale from 2006-2014, he served in the roles of development director, program director, and assistant chaplain, assisting students, exploring partnerships, and helping to lead fundraising, public relations, and marketing efforts.

Jamie graduated with a B.A. in speech communication from the University of Richmond and completed his M.A. in ministry from Saint John’s Seminary in Boston, as well as a master’s degree in development and philanthropy from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. Jamie and his wife, Kristina currently reside in Manhattan Beach, CA with their six boys.

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