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Andrew Robison

Owner and President

Andrew Robison is the owner and president of Petrus Development. He lives in College Station, Texas with his wife Cheryl and kids Annabel, Nora, Luke, and Ellie. Andrew loves woodworking, training for triathlons, and watching Survivor. Andrew is an alum of Texas A&M and is a huge Aggie sports fan! 

Fundraising Specialties

Annual fund, Monthly giving, Strategic growth

[email protected] 


How has your career evolved since its beginning? 

I began my career as the Assistant Director of Development at St. Mary's Catholic Center at Texas A&M University then transitioned to being the Director of Development for the Newman center at Ohio State University, and later joined the Texas A&M Foundation. As President of Petrus, I focus on recruiting excellent talent, building the client base and developing strategies that will add value to our current and future partners.

What are some of your career highlights? 

“I have supported two major campaigns: Foundations in Faith at St. Marys ($7.5m) and Lead by Example at A&M Foundation ($4b). I launched the Class Gift Program at St. Mary’s A&M. Then earned my Masters in Philanthropy & Development at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota where I completed a masters thesis on Building a Monthly Giving Program. And I secured the first million dollar gift for the Texas A&M College of Medicine” 

What mistakes and valuable lessons have you learned from? 

“Play the long game. Development requires investing in relationships and building systems and structures that will grow over time. Too often we answer "no" for our donors without giving them the opportunity to respond. It takes all sorts of people and personalities to raise money. If you have a passion for the work, you can find your niche and be successful”

What is your favorite thing about development? 

“I enjoy helping ministries grow because they have the financial resources to invest in staff, programming and facilities.”

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