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The Catholic Church is in need of the next generation of leaders. As our society becomes increasingly secular and aggressive in its rejection of Christ and his followers, it is critical that young men and women of the Church take up the charge to carry the light of truth out into the world. These young men and women must receive training, support and grounding in their faith from active and vibrant communities and ministries. One common theme that permeates most Catholic ministries that serve young men and women is inadequate funding with which they can offer these programs, as well as a lack of understanding for how to create a plan for sustainable revenue. Petrus Development wants to address these problem areas through key services:

  • Development Plan
  • Major Gift Program
  • Communications
  • Leadership Training
  • Talent Search
  • Coaching
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Feasibility Studies

Development Plan

Every nonprofit organizations, at some point, is forced to find a renewable source of revenue to support their mission. For most of these institutions, charitable donations will be the largest and most important source. While generating enough donations to meet the needs of their budget may appear to be easier for some organizations than others, having a strong development program is something that must be worked at year after year by each and every institution no matter what. Nonprofits can have many different approaches to fundraising, but one thing that all successful development programs have in common is that they have a plan and they work the plan. No matter if the organization is a university, a homeless shelter, an advocacy group, a ministry…it does not matter. The ones that are successful at consistently raising money all have a strategy for raising money, a schedule for implementing that strategy and a commitment to executing on schedule. Thinking of it in this way, every nonprofit organization can have a successful development program by taking the steps to create a plan and a calendar for that plan.

Major Gift Program

As a team of development professionals, people will often ask us if we are in the fundraising business. The truth is that we are all in the relationship business. It is through an intentional and genuine approach to building relationships with people of affluence and influence that a nonprofit organization can really accomplish greatness. Petrus Development can help organizations understand that an individual’s need to give is greater than an organization’s need to receive. This is an important point as it underscores everything that makes a development program, and in particular a major gift program, successful.


Just like the children’s song says, we cannot “hide our light under a bushel basket; we have to let it shine.” However, too often we see ministries that are accomplishing wonderful works of service, outreach and charity that nobody knows about because they are not communicating their story. Petrus Development can help develop a communications plan built on a timeline, theme and replicable model. Our team can help you grow your base of subscribers with the goal of informing and engaging them in the great stories that show your organization’s impact. Ultimately this strategy creates a renewable pipeline as more subscribers convert to long-term donors to your organization.

Leadership Training

In order to help establish a sustainable development program, Petrus Development will focus on three primary areas: 1) Case for Support, 2) Leadership, and 3) a Plan. It all begins with strong leadership though. Petrus will work with directors, executive staff, boards and advisory councils, and key volunteers to help articulate a vision that will inspire individuals, foundations and corporations to give. Offering training and engaging certain leaders in the identification of prospective donors and in the asking process over time can often be effective in strengthening our appeals. This will also lead to more ownership in both fundraising and ministry activities and can help balance the director’s time and energy in those areas. Volunteer training can be offered as part of your organization’s custom development plan or can be organized as a one-time event.

Talent Search

In the book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins stresses the importance of “getting the right people on the bus.” In other words, good organizations need a first-class team of people doing what they love and what they are good at in order to become a great organization. For nonprofits that have never hired a development director – or have hired someone who did not make the organization more successful – can be a challenge. Petrus Development has interviewed thousands of candidates over the years and has helped hundreds  of organizations make the right choice for them. We understand what qualities are important to consider and what caution signs to be on the lookout for. Take confidence in the fact that we can help directors and boards be discerning and hire the right person for the job. This service is typically included in our sustainable development services but please contact us if you need a search as a stand-alone service.


It is all too common for organizations to take a leap of faith to hire a development officer, but then hire someone with little to no experience out of budgetary restrictions. Petrus Development believes that passion for an organization is an incredibly important attribute, but without experience or training and coaching, it is simply not enough. When working with our clients, our consultants spend time directly with executives and development staff in order to build strong and lasting relationships that lead to more trust and more effective consulting partnerships. It is these relationships that lead to effective coaching in both the art and science of fundraising.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns have the ability to transform an organization and propel it to a higher level of service. What is a Capital Campaign? It is a set of fundraising and outreach initiatives focused on raising money for a specific defined need.

  • Specific financial goal
  • Defined timeframe for meeting goal
  • Strong volunteer participation
  • Focus on raising major gifts

Petrus consultants have expertise in all aspects of service needed for successful campaigns including feasibility studies, volunteer recruitment and management, special events, campaign literature and donor recognition and major gift solicitations.

Feasibility Studies

A Campaign Planning Study, or Feasibility Study, is critical to determining whether your organization is ready to launch a successful capital campaign. Petrus can conduct a comprehensive Feasibility Study to help you answer the important questions when making your plans. Elements of a Feasibility Study include:

  • Preliminary Case for Support
  • Key Confidential Individual Interviews
  • Testing of Proposed Campaign Goals
  • Analysis of Findings / Final Report

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