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Introducing the PLC Ambassador Program

annual fund plc resources Dec 05, 2019

Do you want to attend the 2020 Petrus Leadership Conference in Breckenridge on June 7-10, 2020, one of the best annual conferences for learning Catholic and faith-based fundraising and leadership practices?

Do you know other people who might like to attend as well?

Would you like to earn money back on your conference fees? 

Well...have we got good news for you!

This year, we are introducing the PLC Ambassador Program for the first time ever. Don't's very simple.

When you register, you will be given a unique code. You can then share that code with your network. Anyone who registers using your code will receive a $15 discount. And the best part is that you will then receive a $15 refund on your conference fees! See...we told you it was simple. 

There is no max to how many people can use your Ambassador code, so the sky is the limit. If enough people use your Ambassador code, you could attend the conference for free! 

The two best aspects of the Petrus Leadership Conference are the fundraising instruction and the community. What better way to build up your community than by spreading the joy of discounts with your network??

The 2020 PLC will also feature three tracks of instruction: Communications, Major Gifts and Leadership. Sessions and speakers will focus on topics within these three tracks and will build on each other to provide a deeper dive than ever before into these specific areas that are so crucial to fundraising more money. 

We hope to see you in Breckenridge for the 2020 Petrus Leadership Conference. 

God bless! 

Learn more about the 2020 Petrus Leadership Conference at


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