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New Parish Leader Track Announced for the Petrus Virtual Conference

You asked and we have responded. 

As the Petrus Virtual Conference rapidly approaches on June 8-10, we have heard from more and more parish pastors, deacons and ministry leaders about how they are struggling to address parish financing, tithing and budgeting during (and following) covid-19. In order to help address those concerns and open up more fruitful conversations, we have added four new sessions specifically for parish pastors and leaders plus an open discussion hour to the PVC agenda. 

These sessions will be led by Tara Troy Doyon and Fr. Patrick Hyde, O.P. For the past five years, Tara has served as a Petrus consultant in addition to working with Fr. Patrick at the St. Paul Catholic Center at Indiana University. During her ten+ years as Director of Stewardship and Development at St. Paul's, Tara has built a strong development program from scratch, has led the ministry in completing a capital campaign (significantly exceeding the initial goal) and has supported parish stewardship efforts. 

Tara and Fr. Patrick are aware that priests and ministry leaders may have received theological training, pastoral guidance, and basic business administration direction, but are rarely given the tools to be able to intentionally raise funds for programming and operations outside of the Sunday collection.

Pastoral stewardship of finances is a topic many clergy feel under-prepared to navigate within parishes or smaller ministries. By understanding some basic principles within the Spirituality of Fundraising and how to apply them in crafting the story of your ministry, church leaders can feel better equipped to meet benefactors and invite them to  join in the mission. 


What will this four part series cover?

  • Better understanding of the presentation and messaging of spiritual giving (tithing)
  • Basic development principles and examples of a multi-year strategy and plan
  • Knowledge for identifying who can make significant financial gifts and guidance on how to execute and ask for a financial gift

What is the time commitment?

The Conference will run for 55 hours beginning at 10:00am CST on June 8 and finishing at 5:00pm CST on June 10. The agenda has over 40 speakers speaking on topics on all things fundraising, leadership, and ministry. Attendees will have access to all of the sessions for one year after the conference ends.

The newly introduced Parish Leader Track has four Live presentations plus a Live open discussion period. 

  • June 8 @ 2:00pm CST: The Spirituality of Fundraising
  • June 8 @ 7:30pm CST: Four Pillars of Development
  • June 9 @ 11:00am CST: The Development Plan
  • June 9 @ 7:30pm CST: Making the Ask
  • June 10 @ 11:00am CST: Group Discussion

What does the Virtual Conference cost?

The Conference costs just $149 for individual registration and $249 for team registration up to 5 attendees. 


When does registration close?

The first session begins at 10:00am CST on Monday, June 8. Registration will remain open until then but we encourage registration as soon as possible. All attendees will be assigned to a Small Group. Each Small Group Facilitator will be contacting attendees to check in so the sooner the registration, the more engagement that can happen before the Conference kicks off. 

Questions? Email Tara at [email protected].

God bless and we hope to see you at the Petrus Virtual Conference! God bless. 



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