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Megan Dillon Joins the Petrus Team as Consultant

Petrus Development is pleased to announce that Megan Dillon recently joined the Petrus team as our newest Consultant. In addition to her work with Petrus, Megan is also Director of Advancement and Communications for the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In her role as a Petrus Consultant, Megan will work with ministries to help them expand their ministry programs through investing in building sustainable development programs.

The President of Petrus, Andrew Robison, is very excited to have Megan joining the team. “I have known Megan for many years and have always been impressed with her. She is a fearless fundraiser and I believe that comes from her intense desire to grow the ministry and evangelization efforts to the Catholic students of the University of Colorado.”

Prior to her role at the Catholic Center, Megan worked in the Washington, D.C. area as the Director of Media Relations at the National Right to Life Committee and at a public relations firm, where she worked with a variety of clients. Megan moved to Boulder in 2007 to help create a sustainable development program at the Catholic Center.

“I am amazed at what God can do through the generosity of benefactors. Connecting people with ministries that they feel passionate about is a blessing for everyone. I am really looking forward to helping other ministries advance their development programs to increase the wonderful things already happening there. God cannot be outdone in generosity!”

Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Catholic Culture from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. When Megan accepted her position at St. Thomas Aquinas, she had confidence to make the change in part because she had the chance to be trained by Petrus consultants, Peter de Keratry and Mike Perkins.*

“I loved working with Megan because she understood from the beginning that development truly is a ministry,” said Mike. “Megan was always genuine in her dealings with donors and I believe she is a fundamental reason behind the massive expansion of the Catholic ministry at the University of Colorado.”

When she is not working, Megan loves hiking, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, and traveling to just about anywhere. “I have traveled to many different countries but I have a long list of many others that I still want to visit. One of my favorite adventures so far has been walking the ancient pilgrim path, the Camino de Santiago in Spain.”

*Mike Perkins now serves as the President and CEO of Heroic Media.

Since 2005, Petrus Development has worked with over 100 faith-based organizations to recruit and train development officers and build sustainable development programs. If your organization wants to learn more about working with Petrus Development, please contact us at [email protected]

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